Great Trace Program

The briefing runner will be online Thursday evening and sent by mailing – Good race!

  • Friday 01 February:

From 5 pm : pick up bibs & briefing at the sports center – Superdévoluy

  • Saturday 02 February:

From 8h30 : pick up bibs at the sports center – Superdévoluy

11:00 am : Start A – Team Race

11h30 to 12h00: Departure course B, C and Youth – Individual race

13h30: First arrivals

11:30 am: Visit of the Prefect

1:45 pm: A few matches from the first men of the World Cup

2h:00 pm Ceremony of flowers and dedications on the snow front

3h pm: Grand Trace and World Cup awards ceremony at the sports center

6h  pm: Dfflusion of the film “Entre les lignes” at the sports center, in the presence of Mathéo Jacquemoud